• We are independent and agile, but deeply experienced and strongly networked in the regions we serve.
  • Because we really know these regional markets, we know how best to balance our clients’ needs and insights with the reinsurer’s appetite to craft uniquely powerful solutions.
  • Our goal is always to help our clients find solutions that are the most effective, appropriate, competitive and sustainable.
  • We are committed to devoting the time it takes to make sure this happens.
  • We combine fresh perspectives with the most relevant expertise.
  • We always delve deeply into what our clients really need so we can deliver highly customised and cost effective solutions.
  • We use our expert access to the large and diverse reinsurance market to support our clients with all types of placements in domestic as well as international markets.
  • We stay flexible and agile throughout all that we do.
  • We tailor-build, review, consolidate and optimise clients’ reinsurance purchase.
  • To do so, we:
    • Conduct quarterly portfolio review with insurers and reinsurers
    • Establish renewal strategy for upcoming major accounts
    • Monitor progress with both parties in terms of hit ratio, claims and premium volume
    • Review effectiveness and efficiency in capacity utilisation
    • Track and monitor the accumulation of total exposure to reinsurers
    • Provide feedbacks and updates with insurers & reinsurers on market trends & regulatory changes

We can assist with many classes of business:

  • Facultative excess of loss and proportional for Property & Engineering, Casualty lines of business such as Products Liability & Recall Expenses, Comprehensive/Excess General Liability, D&O and specialty lines of business including Energy, Terrorism, Trade Credit, Specie, Extended Warranty, etc
  • Schemes or facilities of any kind
  • Non-traditional solutions for capital relief, P&L smoothing or multi-year solutions, captives
  • Facultative online reinsurance platform
  • Treaties for XL, proportional as well as retrocession

Where needed:

  • We can help clients identify and build niche lines of business or address gaps in their business operation and/risk portfolio.
  • We can help develop and build up clients’ underwriting capability on niche products, using support from the right reinsurer.
  • We can act as advisory and/or offer consultancy services, thanks to our robust insights into the region’s broad products range and evolving business and regulatory environments.

North Asia:

  • China
  • Hong Kong

South East Asia:

  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam